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Roberta H.
New York, NY
Hourly Fee: $48.00
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- English
- Grammar
- Reading
- Vocabulary

Teaching the English language as a foreign language and especially in other countries of the world was an option which probably the greatest number of teachers even hasn't paid attention to. But nowadays the choice of having a job abroad has become completely possible and available to many professional teachers.

Such a way of life and career has great many advantages for an individual. It gives an excellent opportunity to get acquainted with new interesting nations as well as helps to develop professionally - it allows an individual to observe and learn effective methods of teaching English as a second language what will be of help in future work. Besides, a person will be able to earn the words, word expressions and language clich?s with the help of different companies, organizations and corporations what will be very curious and improve your knowledge of the language. In fact, there is no single widely-accepted qualification that would be followed by all the countries all over the world, nevertheless, there are some of such programs which are tightly connected with the teaching profession. This qualification includes worldly-adopted certifications which are necessary for personal development a qualified English teacher whose major intention is to become a real professional in the field. It is extremely important for such a teacher to adhere to a certain program and to trust completely everything he or she uses and applies in the process of teaching while passing the necessary knowledge and skills to the students.

No doubt, that like in any other profession in order to become a good teacher of the English language abroad one needs to meet some obligatory requirements. Unquestionably, any teacher has to finish a higher educational establishment be it a college or an institute or a university. Most of higher educational establishments you are going to receive training and studying from demand minimum a bachelor's college degree in some certain field which involves ESL (English as a Second Language) as well. Although not all of foreign educational establishments require a diploma in ESL as an obligatory issue. The next point you will need in order to successfully live and work in a foreign country is a functioning visa which will enable you to live in the country under special protection. Thus, in order to receive this kind of visa you will be required to send your passport (if you have only one) to the consulate of the country you are going to work in. Don't forget to add all the necessary documents with the help of which you are going to be employed and dwell. Those documents should include the information of the place of your future work, the data of the employer, the duration of your living and working in another country, etc. As a rule, this procedure may require a few weeks, maybe a month. Nevertheless, it is desirable to solve these organization questions as soon as possible.

ESL Teachers

If you want to be employed in some higher educational establishments it is necessary to know that a few faculties as well as colleges and universities are going to require from you receiving of a submit-baccalaureate level or any other particular widely-accepted certifications the sort of CELTA or a TEFL/TESL certificate. You will probably ask why is certification so important and even urgent? Well, the answer is rather easy - you need to meet so many requirements because having the certain profession you are going not only to receive considerable benefit, but also high wages which greatly depend upon the qualifications of your profession as well as on the amount of instructing you are going to choose for you (that is the duration of the studying hours per week). But before entering this or that educational establishment is extremely advisable to check up the accreditation as well as some important data which you may apply for your profession and work in the future.

TESOL Official certifications

TESOL Official certifications are the ones which suggest quick teaching and maintenance to young students as well as adult learners who study the English language as their second language. The major goal of TESOL Official certifications is educating British people. These certifications are designed for those people who have already a school diploma, especially if an individual used to receive education in an English-speaking country - early childhood education online. Usually, completion of this certificate demand at least twelve months to cover the program. Still, the duration of studying greatly depends on the educational system of the institution you are going to study at. As a rule, an individual needs to receive further accreditation. Accreditation is a sort of licensing which demands from a person to cover some more additional subjects or lessons in the field and to meet some other requirements. Obtaining a Master's Degree is an excellent advantage which will give you an opportunity to train and study in a community faculty, schools for adult learners, and finally at a university.

TEFL Qualifications

TEFL Qualification is a kind of certification widely-accepted as Teachers of the English Language as a second language. In order to master this profession abroad a college graduate is required to have at least a bachelor's degree received in a higher educational establishment. Besides, an individual should finish a special program which will give the necessary knowledge and skills for working as a teacher in foreign countries. Usually, a great number of people who have obtained a bachelor's college degree are at present working as teachers abroad. They were employed in foreign countries and are able now to apply the suggested widely-adopted official certifications as well as many useful teaching methods, develop their individual skills and obtain new qualities. Usually, it takes minimum 6 months in order to complete the program of TEFL Qualification, sometimes an individual may be required one year or even two years. The program generally takes place outside the United States of America in accordance to the particular plan. After completion the program a person may completely trust and use to the fullest the learnt methods and skills. If an individual has this kind of official certification he or she has the whole right be qualified to teach British young people and adult learners who are immigrants or refuges and somehow got to the United Kingdom.

CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults)

CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults) is a Certificate in Teaching English to people coming from not English-speaking countries. CELTA is similar to a TEFL training plan, nevertheless, it has many advantages including higher prestige. CELTA is widely-adopted and is internationally accepted in more than 49 countries all over the world. It is tightly connected with Cambridge College or university and is represented in each of the countries by a few public schools, ministries of training, colleges, and many foreign employers. Those individuals who would like to work in the Peace Corps and the JET program (The Japan Exchange and Teaching Programme) with the intention of getting training in Japan, will receive much profit from CELTA certification. A person is able to receive a credit for an accomplishable future attempt to get into the program of MA TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) having a great advantage of studying the program which has a particular accreditation from Cambridge College in England. The suggested teaching classes always have a specific direction and integrate practical educating with theoretical knowledge with the intention of developing skills of the students which could be opened in the classroom or abroad.

If you wish to increase your popularity as well as salary, it is advisable for you to think over obtaining particular qualifications in the ESL/EFL arts. With these kinds of qualifications you will be able to receive more knowledge as well as develop your teaching skills. In addition, you are expected to comprehend some aspects, methods and offerings which you are welcome to further use and apply in your profession in a classroom. Take everything from the suggested programs while you have an opportunity to study yourself. Besides, you may use an opportunity to improve vision of the sphere you are going to work at as well as realize the career prospects. A professional teacher has always a wide range of chances for further self-development as well as career growth as a teacher. This everything is possible for a person who once didn't know the English lesson but the knowledge of it opens a great many ways before a person in all spheres of life.

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